Presentation Week of Latest Research in Material Science NIMS WEEK 2022

Creating new value of companies through technology transfer.

The "usable" latest material technologies are here.

As lifestyles and work styles steadily change, both industry and the materials science and technology that support it are entering a period of transformation, and NIMS is strongly promoting collaboration with companies to apply its world-class materials research capabilities and knowledge to society.
This year, NIMS WEEK will return to Tokyo International Forum for the first time in three years with two on-site events, "NIMS Award Symposium" and "Technology Showcase"

Nov.14th[Mon.] - 15th[Tue.], 2022

Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5]
Free of charge
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    Nov. 15, 2022
    "NIMS WEEK 2022" has finished.
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NIMS Award Symposium ❝ Biomaterials for Well-being ❞

10:00-17:50,Nov. 14th[Mon.]

Registration Desk Open 9:30


Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5] Access


Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation available)

NIMS Award is an international award which is given to a world-class researcher who did innovative research and accomplished excellent results in Material Science.
The day will have an Award Ceremony and Award Winning Lecture, several lectures and poster presentations by a young scientist under the theme of biomaterials.
Pre-registration required

Technology Showcase

10:00-15:05,Nov. 15th[Tue.]

Registration Desk Open 9:30


Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5] Access


Japanese (No English interpretation available)

Here are the innovative new materials for research collaborations and licensing!
Not only the Metals and Inorganic Materials, but the research outcomes accumulated over the last twenty years about Soft Matters will be introduced which is also linked with the Day 1.
Including the research of materials themselves, devices like sensors, application technologies such as additive manufacturing process, and fundamental technologies like computational science and advance measurement, the comprehensive technologies related to materials are only available onsite.


Greetings from the President

President Kazuhiro Hono
Kazuhiro Hono
National Institute for Materials Science

As a unique national research and development institute that specializes in research of substances and materials, the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) has developed materials that change the world, such as sialon phosphors, Bi-based superconductors, and super-heat-resistant materials. Under the 6th Science, Technology, and Innovation Basic Plan (2021–2026), NIMS has been quick to adopt data-driven research and is now working to enhance the innovative strength of materials research. For development of the materials industry, which accounts for 25% of the total exports of Japan, it is essential to apply the most advanced materials science and technology. At the same time, there are no longer any national boundaries for scientific development, and NIMS is also expected to play a role as a core global institution in the field of materials science and technology. We will make further efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the materials industry in Japan by improving fundamental and basic research capabilities and creating more opportunities for open innovation.

Once a year, NIMS holds “NIMS WEEK”, an event to introduce our latest academic achievements and advanced technologies that are expected to be put into practical use. The NIMS Award is given to the world's top scientists who have achieved innovative results in the field of materials science, and the NIMS Award Symposium is held for participants to experience the forefront of materials research. In addition, the NIMS Technology Showcase introduces our original material technologies that we want companies to use. This year, this event will introduce start-ups launched with our philosophy that the true value of materials is in their use, and provide consultants who offer consultation to those considering cooperating with NIMS in order for more companies to participate in the event. Last year, we had to hold the event online due to the COVID-19 infection situation, but this year, the event is to be held at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho, Tokyo) with proper infection control.

Through this NIMS WEEK, I would like you to see the front line of evolving materials research.
We look forward to your participation.