Day 2
OCT 30

NIMS Award / Academic Symposium

Materials Innovations Driven
by AI + DATA!

10:00~18:00(Registration 9:30~)
Tokyo International Forum [Hall B5]
Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation available)

In the field of materials R&D—which has relied on trial and error for years—“materials informatics” (MI), a scientific approach that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to predict structures and production methods of materials with desired performance from enormous research data, is now sweeping the world. Results exceeding previous expectations are now being reported one after the other, and concrete new material development is being made through MI rapidly. What is the key to data-driven materials R&D that differs in essence from conventional simulation technologies?

In addition to construction of computational data infrastructure under intense competition, AI technologies and high-quality materials databases for analyzing big data are essential. The precision of machine learning using massive quantities of research data hangs on the quality and quantity of data.

At this year’s NIMS Academic Symposium, NIMS Award will be presented to researchers who have achieved remarkable results in data-driven materials design and database development on a global scale. Furthermore, the lectures presented by researchers at the forefront of the field are sure to provide a bird’s eye view of the most recent advances in and future outlook for materials research utilizing AI and data.

Speakers have been requested to make their presentations understandable to researchers, engineers, and students who are not specialists in the relevant fields. Simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation will be provided for all lectures.

We welcome participation by researchers, professionals, and students from a broad range of fields.


NIMS has given the NIMS Award to a distinguished person or a group who had made significant progress in Materials Science since 2007. Award candidates are nominated by world-leading scientists and fairly judged by the NIMS Award Committee consisting of neutral experts. NIMS Award Ceremony and Winning Lecture is one of the main events of NIMS WEEK.

NIMS Award 2019 Winners

Prof. Gerbrand Ceder
Professor, UC Berkeley, USA

"Pioneering data-driven materials research based on the first-principles calculations"

NIMS Award Winning-lecture

"Modeling and data-driven synthesis modeling"

Dr. Pierre Villars
Director and Owner, Material Phases Data System, Switzerland

"Development of Pauling File, inorganic materials database"

NIMS Award Winning-lecture

"The Importance of the Periodic (Mendeleev) Number in Crystal Structure Prediction - a Data-Centric Approach using the PAULING FILE"

Related Info

Prof. Alan Aspuru Guzik

Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Brian E Hayden

Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK

Prof. Surya Kalidindi

The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Koji Tsuda

Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Yaroslava Yingling

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA

Theme: Materials Innovations Driven by AI + DATA

Poster session will be held at Academic Symposium on the 2nd day of NIMS WEEK. Submissions from all over the world are welcome.
Excellent posters will be selected for Poster Awards.

Poster submission guideline "CALL FOR PAPERS!"


Theme: Materials Innovations Driven by AI + DATA!

How to Prepare an Abstract for Poster Presentation at NIMS WEEK Day 2 “Academic Symposium”

  • Poster Language: English
  • Presentation Category:
    1. Data-driven researches in Functional Materials
    2. Data-driven researches in Structural Materials
    3. Materials Data Infrastructure including Measurements
  • Abstract format:Download the template file(docx)
  • How to submit: Please email to
  • *Please prepare your email from the above link in order to include the following required information.
  • Deadline: September 13th, 2019 (Fri.)