MANA Foundry was founded in April, 2009 as a facility of " Internatilnal Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) "under the World Premier International (WPI) program conducted by Research Center Initiative of “Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology” (MEXT).
The purpose of MANA Foundry is to provide delicate support by its skilled engineers and facilities where various types of materials can be handled for researchers with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.
The cleanroom facility consists of eight areas in its 235m² floor space: Drawing and Photo Lithography, Wet Process, Etching, Film Deposition, Nano Measurement, Nano Analysis, Heat Treatment and Dicing & Wiring.
We are able to provide consistent processes from test piece preparation to structural observation and functional verification including nano-gap electrode patterning by electron beam lithography on complicated structures such as nano dots, nano wires and nano sheets made of various materials like organic, inorganic, metal, insulator, magnetic, superconductor and composite.
Our goal is to contribute to the development of innovative nanomaterials through the advanced technical support based on our experience and knowledge.

  Multi-material electrode patterning with minimum gap width of 30nm   Precise electrode patterning on nanowires   Inverted pyramids by anisotropic etching on sillicon single crystal   Lift-off process using bilayer-resist method
  Line-and-space patterning by EB drawing process   Periodic cube structures by etching process   Nano-rod crystal grown on nanostructural surface   Periodic dome-shaped silicon structures by FIB
  FIB Micro-sampling   Cantilever fabrication by FIB   200nm-thick disk fabrication by FIB   200nm-thick "nano-scale plant pot" by FIB