Nanophotonics Group is engaged in the study of a variety of specimens like semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots, photonic crystals made by electron beam lithography, and nano fibers made of aggregates of thiocyanine dyes, and aiming at the clarification of electronic states and optical properties by laser spectroscopy, characteristic estimation and sample design by numerical analysis, and theoretical search for new quantum functionality.


Kazuaki Sakoda
Nano Photonics Group
Group Leader

It is called nanophotonics to control optical waves by structured materials smaller than the wavelength of light and to investigate materials properties in the nanometer range by optical waves. It is further interesting that we can dramatically modify the optical properties of matter by designing the electromagnetic field with nanostructures such as photonic crystals. In recent years, nanophotonics became a very big scientific field and turned to practical use as a measurement technology. More applications in industry are expected, and we, Nanophotonics Group members, would like to contribute to this aim as much as we can.
We accept and supervise graduate students in collaboration with Tsukuba University. The graduate students are offered a salary as a research assistant. Those who are interested in joining us may consult the home page of Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering.


National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)
Quantum Dot Research Center(QDRC)
Nano Photonics Group