The 237th Special CMSM seminar   

Topological Spin Dynamics for GreenIT

Prof. Mathias Kläui
Institut für Physik and Graduate School of Excellence Materials Science in Mainz,
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Mainz, Germany

Date & Time: 10:30 - 11:30, April 9th (Mon), 2018.
Place: Conference room #513-514, Advanced Structural Materials Building, Sengen.


  In our information-everywhere society IT is a major player for energy consumption. Novel spintronic devices can play a role in the quest for GreenIT if they are stable and can transport and manipulate spin with low power. Firstly to obtain ultimate stability, topologically stabilized spin structures, such as chiral domain walls and skyrmions can be used [1-3]. We have investigated in detail their dynamics and find that it is governed by the topology of their spin structures [1]. By designing the materials, we can even obtain a skyrmion lattice phase as the ground state of the thin films [2]. Secondly, for ultimately efficient spin manipulation, we use spin-orbit torques: we combine ultimately stable skyrmions with spin orbit torques into a skyrmion racetrack device [2,3], where the real time imaging of the trajectories allows us to quantify the novel skyrmion Hall effect [3]. Thirdly we use ferroic insulators for efficient spin transport [4] including spin superfluidity [5].

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