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The MANA International Symposium 2010 was successfully held
at EPOCHAL TSUKUBA in Japan in March 2010.

  Date:   Mar. 3rd (Wed.) to 5th (Fri.), 2010
  Place: Epochal Tsukuba, Japan

  After the inauguration of MANA in 2007, we have continued to search for the best organizational structure for MANA as a World Premier International (WPI) Research Center supported by MEXT.  Our search has led us to the present structure, which consists of four research areas: 1) Nano-Materials, 2) Nano-System, 3) Nano-Green, and 4) Nano-Bio. At present, MANA has 30 Principal Investigators (PI), ~50 permanent staff researchers, ~60 postdoctoral researchers, ~30 graduate students, and ~30 technical and administrative support staffs, i.e. ~200 in total; the proportion of foreign researchers is over 50 %. 

  Needless to say, many of future technologies necessary for the sustainable development of our society in the 21st century cannot be realized without the development of novel materials. To meet such demand, MANA is attempting to create a new paradigm of materials development based on a new technology system named “materials nanoarchitectonics”. At this 3rd MANA International Symposium, we are presenting the results of our research relating to the development of novel materials achieved along the line mentioned above. In addition, we have many invited presentations by distinguished scientists in this and related fields. We hope all participants to this symposium will enjoy the presentations and obtain fresh inspirations.


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