MANA/ICYS Reunion Workshop 2014
MANA/ICYS Reunion Workshop 2014

  Date:   March 3-4, 2014
  Place: MANA, Namiki-Site, NIMS, Japan

The International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) was launched in 2007 after being selected for the “World Premier International Research Center Initiative” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).  Today, MANA promotes research in four challenging fields—namely, Nano-Materials, Nano-Systems, Nano-Power, and Nano-Life—based on a new research concept called “nanoarchitectonics.”

On the other hand, the International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) is an organization that for five years, beginning in 2003, engaged in system reform aimed at cultivating young researchers and internationalizing research environments.  This undertaking was supported by the science and technology promotion subsidy of MEXT.   The undeniably strong international character and innovative approaches to young researcher development that ICYS achieved here won great praise and even contributed to MANA’s selection for the Initiative.  Even after the program period’s conclusion, ICYS continues to play a highly significant role in the development of young research leaders as a center of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS).

Young researchers of MANA and ICYS have resolutely pursued cutting-edge research and announced remarkable achievements in various fields.  They are now making use of these achievements to gain employment at universities and institutes both in Japan and overseas.  And from there they will climb the career ladder and take their places among the world’s young research leaders.

Against this backdrop, MANA intends to build an “alumni system” for continuous exchanges with researchers who have left NIMS.  Through this system, MANA will further enhance its networks and partnerships with research institutes at home and abroad, and reinforce its functions as a core international base for nanotechnology research.

In preparation for the establishment of this alumni system, we will hold the MANA/ICYS Reunion Workshop, 2014, on a schedule to precede the MANA International Symposium 2014.  We hope to see you there.


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