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MANA International Symposium 2013

Special Lecture

Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: An Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding

Presenter:Prof. Akira Suzuki
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2010, Emeritus Professor of Hokkaido University

High Tc Superconductivity - after a quarter century - a technology ready for Take Off

Presenter:Prof. Georg Bedonorz
Nobel Laureate in Physics 1987, IBM Fellow -Emeritus, IBM Zurich Reseach Laboratory

Invited Presentations of Nano-Life field

Manipulaiton of Human Genome Using Chemistry-based DNA Cutter

Presenter:Prof. Makoto Komiyama
University of Tsukuba

Nanoscale surface modifications for directing biological response

Presenter:Prof. Buddy Ratner
Michael L. & Myrna Darland Endowed Chair in Technology CommercializationJoint with Chemical Engineering Director, UW Engineered Biomaterials (UWEB-21)

Invited Presentations of Nano-Materials field

Advanced Molecular Design of Functional Organic Materials

Presenter:Prof. Takuzo Aida
University of Tokyo

From Polyelectrolyte Multilayers to "Soft" Nano-materials and -devices

Presenter:Prof. Gero Decher
Universite Louis Pasteur (ULP) and Centre National de la Recherche

Invited Presentations of Nano-System field

Graphene-based, Graphene-Activated Materials and their Properties, and some Novel Carbons

Presenter:Prof. Rodney Ruoff
University of Texas at Austin

Molecular theory about underwater stones of graphene material scinece

Presenter:Prof. Elena Sheka
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Electrical control of magnet

Presenter:Prof. Teruo Ono
Kyoto University