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EventEvent 2012

Japanese Culture Class -Karate-

Date 25 May, 2012
(Published on 26 May, 2012)

In FY 2012, the 1st Japanese Culture Class was Karate instructed by Mr. Kaomoshida. The class was held at Kyokushin Karate Dojo, Tsukuba on May 25.

At the beginning, eight participants learned how to do Karate by watching Karate performance by elementary school students. After a warming-up exercise and stretching, they started practicing basic forms of Karate such as standing position, grapping, a thrusting, kicking, and guarding. Then they made an attacking practice by kicking and thrusting with an encouraging shout to a partner wearing mitts.

Many of the participants felt that the training was very hard due to the lack of their daily exercise, but they really enjoyed the practical training. An Algerian participant, who had learned Karate in his country, said that he really enjoyed the practice and that he plans to join the Karate Club.


A warm-up stretching before the practicing.

basic form

Basic form of thrusting with a encouraging shout.


Thrsuting to a partner's mitt.


Very powerful kicking!


The instructor (right) teaches participants how to guard a thrusting.

group photo

The Participants and the instructor.