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EventEvent 2012

The 10th Japanese Culture Class 2011 -Japanese Calligraphy-

Date 16 Mar, 2012
(Published on 17 Mar, 2012)

The 10th Japanese Culture Class -Japanese Calligraphy-, the last Culture Class in fiscal year 2011, was held on March 16, 2012. Instructors of the class were headed by Ms. Chieko Kawabe from COSMO ECHO, a private volunteer organization.

At the beginning, 16 Participants were given a general lecture about the tools used in Japanese calligraphy and representative styles of writing. Then the participants practiced to write characters selected by themselvs or the instructors. One of the participant used a dictionary to find characters whose pronunciation were suitable for her name.

Most of the participants have never experienced Japanese calligraphy before, however, their handwritings were very nice and tasteful, which surprized the instructors.

A lecture by the instructor.

Let's start writing with a brush.

Repeatedly practicing by refering a copy.

The instructor helps a participant to write.

The right character was written by a participant. It looks nice!

Group photo of the participants and the instructors.