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EventEvent 2009

Foreign Researchers Challenge Summer Kimono

Date 11 Aug, 2009
(Published on 31 Jul, 2009)

The workshop of wearing yukata was held on July 31th at Ninomiya house. Yukata is a summer casual garment of Japanese traditional clothing.

It was held as a NIMS Japanese cultural program suponsored by MANA. 16 foreign researchers challenged to dress it by the instruction of Eiko Nakayama, a kimono dressing instructor, and her assistants.

You can see the scenes of workshop on following NHK program to introduce the supporting activities for foreigners’ life in Tsukuba by JISTEC.

August 11th, Tue 6:10-7:00 P.M. News Wide Ibaraki
August 11th, Tue 8:45-6:00 P.M. Ibaraki News 845 (Unknown)