Dmitri Golberg

Dmitri Golberg
  • Nanotubes Group, MANA, NIMS
  • Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Nanotubes and Nanowires
Academic degree:
Ph.D. Moscow Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy (1990)
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Educational and Working History

2010 - Present Professor, University of Tsukuba, Japan
1997 Researcher, National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM), Tsukuba
1996 Visiting Researcher, National Institute for Metals, Tsukuba
1995 Visiting Researcher, National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM), Tsukuba
1994 Visiting Researcher, Max-Planck Institute fuer Eisenforschung, Germany
1993 Visiting Researcher, University of Tsukuba
1990 Senior Researcher, Moscow Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Russia
1990 Moscow Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Ph.D, Russia
1983 Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys, Technological University, Ms.Sc, Russia

Research History

Dmitri Golberg has a wide background and strong command in the synthesis, electron microscopy, and physical property measurements of BN and other inorganic nanotubes and related nanomaterials. In 1995 he became one of first world scientists to launch a full scale research on BN nanotubes. Since then he became a world-recognized expert in this field and published more than 100 papers solely on this topic. He has also deeply studied shape memory alloys while working as a visiting researcher at the University of Tsukuba, and single crystals of intermetallic compounds while being a guest scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute fuer Eisenforschung, and the National Institute for Metals, Tsukuba. Such joined unprecedented experience in nanotubes and metallic alloys allows him to initiate a new and promising research field: physics, chemistry and functional properties of inorganic nanotubes filled and/or joined with metals. Over the last few years he became fully engaged in the electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical property measurements of individual nanotubes, nanowires and graphene-like nanostructures in a transmission electron microscope. Golberg is author or co-author of more than 480 original papers in peer-reviewed International journals and over 100 patents. He has also authored numerous book chapters. In 2005 Golberg was awarded the 16th Tsukuba Prize for his studies of inorganic nanotubes and nanothermometers. In 2012, he became a recipient of the Thomson Reuters Research Front Award for his outstanding contributions to emerging global research fronts. At present, Golberg is listed among top-100 most-cited world materials scientists on the Web of Science. His works have been cited more than 13000 times and H-factor of his publications is 62.

Books (Chapter Author)

Selected Papers

  1. Boron nitride nanotubes and nanosheets
    Golberg D, Bando Y, Huang Y, Terao T, Mitome M, Tang CC, Zhi CY
    ACS Nano, 2010; 4(6): 2979-2993.
  2. Properties and engineering of individual inorganic nanotubes in a transmission electron microscope
    Golberg D, Costa PMFJ, Mitome M, Bando Y
    J Mater Chem, 2009; 19(9): 909-920.
  3. Boron nitride nanotubes
    Golberg D, Bando Y, Tang CC, Zhi CY
    Adv Mater, 2007; 19(18): 2413-2432.
  4. Direct force measurements and kinking under elastic deformation of individual multiwalled boron nitride nanotubes
    Golberg D, Costa PMFJ, Lourie O, Mitome M, Tang C, Zhi CY, Kurashima K, Bando Y
    Nano Lett, 2007; 7(7): 2146-2151.
  5. Copper-filled carbon nanotubes: rheostat-like behavior and femtogram copper mass transport
    Golberg D, Costa PMFJ, Mitome M, Mueller Ch, Hampel S, Leonhardt A, Bando Y
    Adv Mater, 2007; 19(15): 1937-1942.
  6. Structural peculiarities of in situ deformation of a multi-walled BN nanotube inside a high-resolution transmission electron microscope
    Golberg D, Bai XD, Mitome M, Tang CC, Zhi CY, Bando Y
    Acta Mater, 2007; 55(4): 1293-1298.
  7. Atomic structures of iron-based single-crystalline nanowires crystallized inside multi-walled carbon nanotubes as revealed by analytical electron microscopy
    Golberg D, Mitome M, Muller C, Tang CC, Leonhardt A, Bando Y
    Acta Mater, 2006; 54(9): 2567-2576.
  8. Peculiarities of Fe-Ni alloy crystallization and stability inside C nanotubes as derived through electron microscopy
    Golberg D, Gu C, Bando Y, Mitome M, Tang CC
    Acta Mater, 2005; 53(5): 1583-1593.
  9. Boron nitride nanotubes as nanocrucibles for morphology and phase transformations in encapsulated nanowires of the Mg-O system
    Golberg D, Bando Y, Mitome M, Fushimi K, Tang CC
    Acta Mater, 2004; 52(11): 3295-3303.
  10. Synthesis, analysis and electrical property measurements of compound nanotubes in the ceramic B-C-N system
    Golberg D, Dorozhkin P, Bando Y, Dong ZC
    MRS Bulletin, 2004; 29(1): 38.