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Katsuhiko Ariga

MANA Principal Investigator (PI)


Educational & Research History

2004 - Present
Director of Supermolecules Group, NIMS
2001 - 2003
JST Group Leader, Nanospace Project
1998 - 2001
Associate Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
1992 - 1998
JST Group Leader, Supermolecules Project, and CREST Researcher
1990 - 1992
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Texas at Austin
1987 - 1992
Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research History

Katsuhiko Ariga has been working on supramolecular chemistry especially related with self-assembly processes, ultrathin films and molecular recognitions. Accomplishments in his researches contribute significantly developments of biomemetic systems as well as physicochemical understanding on interfacial phenomena. Especially, pioneer researches of layer-layer supramolecular assembly have been highly evaluated, and he is also recognized as an authority of supramolecular recognition at the interfaces. Total citation of entire researches exceeded 7000 times. Now, his research team is working on frontier researches for supramolecular materials through entire bottom-up process (see illustration below).

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Selected Papers

  1. Layer-by-Layer Films of Dual-Pore Carbon Capsules with Designable Selectivity of Gas Adsorption
    Ji Q, Yoon SB, Hill JP, Vinu A, Yu J-S, Ariga K
    J Am Chem Soc, 2009; 131(12): 4220-4221.
  2. Solvent-Engineering for Shape-Shifter Pure Fullerene (C60)
    Sathish M, Miyazawa K, Hill J P, Ariga, K
    J Am Chem Soc, 2009; 131(18): 6372-6373.
  3. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signaling of Molecular Chiral Information using an Achiral Reagent
    Shundo A, Labuta J, Hill JP, Ishihara S, Ariga K
    J Am Chem Soc, 2009; 131(27): 9494-9495.
    (Highlighted in Nature Chemistry, Published online 3 July, 2009)
  4. Shape Dependent Confinement in Ultrasmall Zero, One, and Two Dimensional PbS Nanostructures
    Acharya S, Sarma DD, Golan Y, Sengupta S, Ariga K
    J Am Chem Soc, 2009; 131(32): 11282-11283.
  5. Nanorod Driven Orientational Control of Liquid Crystal for Polarization-Tailored Electro-optic Devices
    Acharya S, Kundu S, Hill, JP, Richards GJ, Ariga K
    Adv Mater, 2009; 21(9): 989-993.
    (Highlighted in Nature Asia Materials, Published online 18 May 2009)
  6. Soft Langmuir-Blodgett Technique for Hard Nanomaterials
    Acharya S, Hill JP, Ariga K
    Adv Mater, 2009; 21(29): 2959-2981.
  7. Adv Mater, 2009; 21(29): 2959-2981.
    Ruiz-Hitzky E, Darder M, Aranda P, Ariga K
    Adv Mater, 2010; 22: 323-336.
  8. Hierarchic Nanostructure for Auto-Modulation of Material Release: Mesoporous Nanocompartment Films
    Ji Q, Acharya S, Hill JP, Vinu A, Yoon SB, Yu JS, Sakamoto K, Ariga K
    Adv Funct Mater, 2009; 19(11): 1792-1799.
  9. Toward Volatile and Nonvolatile Molecular Memories: Fluorescence Switching Based on Fluoride-Triggered Interconversion of Simple Porphyrin Derivatives
    Shundo A, Hill JP, Ariga K
    Chem Eur J, 2009; 15(11): 2486-2490.
  10. Supramolecular Templates for Nanoflake-Metal Surfaces
    Shen Y, Wang J, Kuhlmann U, Hildebrandt P, Ariga K, Mohwald H, Kurth DG, Nakanishi T
    Chem Eur J, 2009; 15(12): 2763-2767.