The 325th MANA & the 136th ICYS Joint Seminar

Dr. Andrew Pratt & Dr. Shinsuke Ishihara

Date April 5, Friday
Time 15:30-16:30
Place #2 Conference Room, 1F, Central Bldg., Sengen Site

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Spin Characterization of Next-Generation Electronic Materials

As the roadmap for semiconductor technologies reaches a critical turning point in terms of miniaturization, functional oxide electronics and molecular spintronics have emerged as leading disciplines in the search for candidate materials to drive post-silicon device fabrication. However, for either of these fields to reach their full potential, it has become clear that a much deeper understanding of surface and interface effects is required. For example, the efficient injection/extraction of charge carriers at the junction between a metal and an organic semiconductor (OSC) is determined by the alignment of the Fermi level of the electrode with the relevant molecular orbitals of the OSC. Similarly, in a functional oxide heterostructure, “the interface is the device” as it is the junction between compounds with different structural and electronic properties that leads to interesting new physics. This talk will outline a unique approach to characterizing the spin-resolved electronic structure at the surface of a material using a spin-polarized beam of metastable helium (23S) atoms. Previous and planned research will be discussed including the study of 3d transition metal oxide ferrites (e.g. Fe3O4) for functional oxide device development and tailoring hybrid OSC/ferromagnetic oxide interfaces for molecular spintronics.


Dr. Andrew Pratt, ICYS-Sengen Researcher, NIMS


Dr. Kenjiro Miyano, Managing Director, ICYS, NIMS


Rapid, Reversible, and Ultra-Precise Actuation of Layered Clay Material

The use of hydrogen bonds permits a fluidic motion of differently-sized alcohol molecules across the interlayer gap in LDH, which enables rapid and reversible tuning of interlayer spacing of the LDH at sub-Angstrom-precision by changing the mole ratio of the different alcohols. Mechanism and potential application will be presented


Dr. Shinsuke Ishihara, ICYS-MANA Researcher, MANA, NIMS


Dr. Jonathan Hill, MANA Scientist, NIMS