The 307th MANA Seminar

Dr. Bo Shen & Dr. Ryousuke Jinnouchi

Date January 25, Friday
Time 15:30-17:00
Place Auditorium, 1F, WPI - MANA Building, Namiki Site, NIMS

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Epitaxial growth and spin properties of III-nitride semiconductor low dimensional quantum structures

Strong polarization-induced electric fields and large conduction-band offset make III-nitride semiconductor low dimensional quantum structures (heterostructures and quantum wells) have significant different physical properties from other III-V ones. Well understanding on these properties is the basis for the fabrication and improvement of III-nitride devices. In this talk, the MOCVD and MBE epitaxial growth of GaN-based heterostructures and InN films of high quality will be introduced firstly. Then, the spin properties based on the spin-orbit coupling in these low dimensional quantum structures will be discussed in detail, including the zero-field spin splitting, circular photogalvanic effect (CPGE), reciprocal spin Hall effect (RSHE), and photo-induced anomalous Hall effect (AHE) .


Dr. Bo Shen, Research Center of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, School of Physics, Peking University, China


Dr. Yoshio Bando, MANA COO, MANA, NIMS


DFT modified Poisson-Boltzmann calculations on electrode reactions in fuel cells technology

This short talk presents a theory for electrified liquid-solid interfaces we have developed, which employs the density functional theory and a modified Poisson-Boltzmann theory for describing Helmholtz layers and diffusion layers in long-ranged electric double layers, respectively. After a brief description on the equations and models used in this theory, results are presented on applications to electro-oxidation of Pt surfaces, specific adsorption of sulfuric acid anion and underpotential deposition of Cu. Those results show that the theory can predict, with a useful accuracy, the reversible potentials of electron transfer reactions in both non-adsorbed and adsorbed phases.


Dr. Ryousuke Jinnouchi, Electrochemistry Div., Toyota Central R&D Labs., INC., Japan


Dr. Yoshitaka Tateyama, Group Leader, MANA, NIMS