Kunie Ishioka


1989               B. Sci. at Kyoto Univ.

1989-1994      PhD study on radiation chemistry and physics,

                       supervised by Profs. Higashimura, Maeda,

                       and Hase at Research Reactor Institute,

                       Kyoto Univ.

1994               Dr. Sci. at Kyoto Univ.

1994-2001      Research Scientist at National Research

                       Institute for Metals (NRIM).

1998-1999      Postdoctral fellow at Fritz-Haber Institut, Berlin, supervised by Prof. Martin Wolf

                       (on leave from NRIM).

2001-2004      Senior Research Scientist at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS).

2004-2010      Associate Professor, Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba

                       (in cooperation with NIMS).

2004-              Principal Researcher at NIMS.

2016-              Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Pittsburgh University.

Research Interest

  1. 1.Ultrafast Spectroscopy on Semiconductors / Metals,

  2. 2.Electron-phonon Interaction in Solids,

  3. 3.Electron/energy Transfer at Interfaces.

C. Vitae

Principal Researcher

Research Center for Advanced Measurement and Characterization

National Institute for Materials Science

Sengen 1-2-1, Tsukuba

305-0047 JAPAN

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  1. 箇条書き項目Outstanding Poster Award, COLA ’01 Tsukuba, October 2001.

  2. 箇条書き項目Outstanding Poster Award, 10th TRVS, Okazaki, May 2001.