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The 314th ICYS Seminar

2022.12.08 15:30 ~ 2022.12.08 16:30
【Date】 Thursday, December 8th
【Time】 15:30 - 16:30
【Venue】Seminar Room, 4th floor, Collaborative Research Bldg., NAMIKI

Speaker: Dr. Jian Xu
Title: Confocal Imaging Meets Inorganic Phosphors: A New Toolbox of Single-Particle-Diagnosis Approach
Chair: Dr. Takashi Takeda

Speaker: Dr. Akimitsu Ishii
Title: Phase-field Modeling of Liquid-phase Sintering for Predicting Microstructural Evolution of Nd-Fe-B Magnets
Chair: Dr. Taichi Abe

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