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The 288th ICYS Seminar

2021.07.16 15:30 ~ 2021.07.16 16:30
【Date】 Friday, July 16th
【Time】 15:30 - 16:30
【Venue】 Auditorium, 1F, WPI-MANA Bldg., Namiki-site

Speaker: Dr. Vasileios KARANIKOLAS
Title: 2D Quantum Materials Platform to Tailor Light-Matter Interactions
Chair: Dr. Takashi KURODA (Nanophotonics G, RCFM)

Speaker: Dr. Takashi HIROI
Title: Accurate Dynamic Light Scattering Measurement by a Pulsed Laser with Software-Based System
Chair: Dr. Sadaki SAMITSU (Data-driven Polymer Design G, MaDIS)

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