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The 224th ICYS Seminar

2018.02.02 15:30 ~ 2018.02.02 16:30
【Date】 February 2nd, Friday
【Time】 From 15:30 to 16:30
【Venue】 No.2 Conference Room, 1F, Central Bldg., Sengen Site

Speaker: Dr. Thiyagu Subramani (ICYS-Namiki Researcher)
Title: Silicon nanostructure heterojunction with organic thin layer for hybrid photovoltaic devices
Chair: Prof. Kenjiro Miyano (Managing Director of ICYS, NIMS)

Speaker:Dr. Seiji Kawasaki (ICYS-Namiki Researcher)
Title: Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis by Utilizing Ionic Liquid/Electrode Interface
Chair:Prof. Kenjiro Miyano (Managing Director of ICYS, NIMS)

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