Advanced binder-free anodes for ultrafast energy storage


Xi Wang

ICYS-MANA researcher


Rechargeable batteries have dominated the portable power market in the last several years and are now being extended to large applications such as cordless power tools and electric vehicles (EV). Among them, binder-free anodes are usually made from various functional organic and/or inorganic materials built on flexible conductive membrane substrates without conductive additives and binders. Therefore the amount of non-active substances is minimized in the whole cells. In this talk, we developed some new strategies and fabricated novel binder-free electrodes for fast Li/Na transport including bicontinuous nanoporous Cu/Li4Ti5O12 electrode, N-doped graphene papers and their composites. In addition, by using advanced in-TEM, STEM techniques and the theoretical simulations, we systematically studied and understood their storage mechanisms at the atomic scale, which shed a new light on the reasons of the ultrafast Li+/Na+ storage property and high capacity for these advanced anodes.