Construction of Non-Metallated Multiporphyrinoids using Easily Metallated Copper Ion as Catalyst: Synthetic Self-Torture


Thien H. Ngo

ICYS-MANA Researcher


  Due to its intrinsic properties, porphyrinoids have been of great interest in a wide range of research area, e.g. catalysis, photodynamic therapy, and molecular electronicsc Within our research groups we are focusing on the construction of complex porphyrinoid conjugates with the aim to develop new materials basing on the photophysical, electrochemical, supramolecular and conducting features of porphyrinoids. In this seminar we disclose a complex synthetic strategy toward multiporphyrinoid conjugates using click chemistry. Our goal is to obtain porphyrinoid conjugates without any copper center via click chemistry. Copper catalyst plays a vital role in the synthetic procedure of click chemistry but easy copper complexation in such porphyrinoids must be avoided. Without going into synthetic detail, I will show you our strategy to obtain non-metallated porphyrinoids conjugates using copper-catalyzed click chemistry.