Stimuli-Responsive Naphthalenediimide-Based p-Systems:Structural Dynamics and Electronic Properties


Atsuro Takai

ICYS-Sengen Researcher



A number of p-conjugated molecules and their assemblies show excellent optical and electronic properties. Propagating the intrinsic functions of p-systems into macroscopic properties such as carrier mobility and visible color change in film states is one of the main goals of bottom-up organic materials. However, p-conjugated assemblies generally show little structural change especially in film states, owing to the large p-orbital overlap and the small free volume throughout the film. In this context, I aim to exploit new p-conjugated molecules and the assemblies where the molecular alignment and the corresponding properties can be switched by external stimuli such as temperature, acid-base, and redox. I will present recent progress of stimuli-responsive p-systems using naphthalenediimide (NDI) which is one of the representative electron-deficient p-conjugated molecules.