Looking back on my research in NIMS


Norihiro Suzuki

ICYS-Sengen researcher


 Since I joined to NIMS, I have been working on the mesoporous materials with pores of 2-50 nm in diameter. Mesoporous materials are easily prepared by the surfactant-assisted sol-gel method, utilizing amphipathic surfactant micelles as soft templates. Mesoporous materials have unique properties such as huge pore volume, large surface area, and uniform pore size, which are useful for practical applications. In addition, if the framework has a valuable physical property, not only porosity-induced properties but also physical properties inherent in the framework can be used simultaneously. In my last ICYS seminar, I would like to look back on my research accomplishments, which include molphorogycal control, practical applications, and enhancement of the physical property of the framework.