Monte Carlo simulations to obtain physical properties of magnetic systems

Ryo Tamura


  The magnetic material is widely used not only in industrials but also in medical services and is indispensable for our life. In general, physical properties induced in magnetic materials are characterized by the magnetic structure. Then, to clarify a relationship between magnetic structure and physical property is one of the central issues in physics, chemistry, and materials science. Furthermore, to explore a novel magnetic structure is directly connected to discovery of exotic physical properties and functionalities. At ICYS, I was searching methods for improving the functionalities and novel physical properties in magnetic materials by using high-performance numerical calculations on the supercomputer and analytical techniques in statistical physics. In this seminar, I will introduce the calculation method based on statistical physics to obtain physical properties of magnetic systems by theoretical works. In addition, I will explain some research activities relating to magnetic systems during ICYS.

  The collaborators in this work are Dr. Hideaki Kitazawa (NIMS), Dr. Takahisa Ohno (NIMS), Dr. Shu Tanaka (Waseda University), and Prof. Naoki Kawashima (University of Tokyo).



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