Diamond power devices : critical role of interface states


Etienne Gheeraert

Institut Néel

CNRS and Université Joseph Fourier

Grenoble, France.

Email: Etienne.Gheeraert@neel.cnrs.fr


Diamond is a very attractive material for high power and high frequency electronic applications because of its exceptional physical properties. For all the device structure, being either transistor or diode, the interface between the metal and the diamond or the interface between the oxide and the diode plays a critical role. Interface states control the barrier height, the stability of the contact, can screen the apply voltage and so on. A high quality oxide was the limiting step for the fabrication of the first MOS transistor on silicon, it is still a difficult step for diamond.

The presentation will start with an overview of diamond devices for power electronics, then will focus on high voltage Schottky diodes and MOSFET, with a special attention given on the interface properties.