Can we use molecules at the heart of the computer chips?

Hicham Hamoudi

ICYS-MANA Researcher


In the first part of my talk I will tackle the problem of electrons transport in molecules using dynamic and static strategies. A study of the self-assembly of silver atom intercalated dithiol (DT) multilayers on gold is presented. The I-V characteristics show significant bias dependence to the number of the DT layers and there appears to be a transition in from tunneling to a hopping regime when going from the single to the multiple layers. Secondly a bottom-up approach was devised to build a crossbar device using the crosslinked SAM of the DT on a gold surface. To avoid metal diffusion through the organic film, I have used (i) nanoscale bottom electrodes to reduce the probability of defects on the bottom electrodes and (ii) molecular crosslinked technology to avoid metal diffusion through the SAMs. I-V characteristics of the device show thermally activated hopping transport. The implementation of this type of architecture will open up new vistas for a new class of devices for transport, storage, and computing.