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Melting Pot & Job Opportunities

Human resources development through the Melting Pot

ICYS uses the term “Melting Pot” to refer to the environment that results when a multinational group of young researchers from different fields, cultures, and races gathers in a single space. When young people with different nationalities, cultures, and specialties gather in a single place, they are forced to confront the differences in their mentalities, giving rise to new ideas and laying the foundation for previously unforeseen research directions. ICYS seeks to foster the development of talented young research leaders through unique research operations founded on its mission of the “four I’s” - International, Independent, Innovative, and Interdisciplinary (In4).
Melting Pot : Environment in which new ideas are elicited by gathering multinational young researchers together in one space.
One defining characteristic of the ICYS is that young researchers can conduct independent research based on their own ideas. A mentor system combines with extensive clerical and research support programs administered by a bilingual staff.

Mission — In4

Ensuring and fostering talented young scientists from all over the world Global research management using English as an official language
Promoting integrated research through exchange among researchers from different fields
Independent original research guaranteed under a system without supervisory control
Development of innovative research topics created by young researchers

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