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About situation at NIMS after huge earthquake in Japan

2011.05.16 Update

We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims of Huge Earthquake which struck East Japan on March 11.

Report on the damage situation at NIMS

All NIMS personnel are safe and uninjured. But there are some serious damage to our equipment and devices and we have started sequential recovery from March 14.

There will be no effect to areas and residents living near NIMS facilities by this damage.

Thank you for your support continuously.

Radiation measurement at NIMS Sengen-site

Regarding the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant No.1, we started to measure the intensity of radiation. The results are on the page below.

Electric power restriction at NIMS

Please note that our servers may stop when Tsukuba city is at power outage, and access to our website and the email system will be unavailable.

Network operations in NIMS

We started to operate official website from March 14, but please note that our system will be unavailable by the electric power restriction at any time.

How to get the information during the electric power outage?

Please get the information of NIMS from the twitter account "@NIMS_PR".

Access to NIMS

Transportation to NIMS is almost recovered and operated now.

Observation Tour and Seminars

NIMS will postpone all of the observation tours to our lab. We will announce the restart of the tours on our official website.

  • 2nd eSciDoc.JP Workshop scheduled on March 22, will be postponed until June.