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Contributing to development and innovation of materials researches by providing advanced TEM technologies

In order to achieve the top level in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) related research and applied materials research, this Station will create, improve and operate user-facility TEMs, which are also available to outside researchers, and other advanced TEM instruments in NIMS, and will apply these devices to materials research and provide support to materials researchers.

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"Development of Electron Microscopy Capable of Visualizing Magnetic Structures at the Sub-Nanoscale" Image
2017.10.12 Update Press Release

Development of Electron Microscopy Capable of Visualizing Magnetic Structures at the Sub-Nanoscale

—New Technique May Facilitate Research and Development of Next-Generation Spintronic Devices—

TEM Station Website

TEM Station users, and Nano-platform users, please find more details for our Websites.

Microstructural Characterization Platform Website
NIMS outside users may be able to use the certain facilities for reasonable usage fee because of Nanotechnology platform program.

Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform Website
We participate in Nanotechnology platform project.

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