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The aim of this unit is to study on degradation mechanism and to develop assessment technique for improvement of materials reliability

Time-dependent degradation of materials due to creep, fatigue, hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking and so on, causes trouble of machine structures. Number of long-term serviced plants and machines is increasing, and longer life with higher performance design of modern equipment requires more severe service condition of materials. It is important for safety, therefore, to improve reliability of structural materials. This unit is assigned to conduct studies on measurement, analysis, assessment and prediction of time-dependent degradation behavior of structural materials.


2020.04.01 Update Press Release

New NIMS Structural Materials Data Sheets Released

—Five Publications Include a Fatigue Data Sheet Covering the Results of Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy Fatigue Tests—

2019.04.01 Update Press Release

New NIMS Data Sheets Released

—Five Publications Include a Corrosion Data Sheet Covering the Results of Carbon Steel Atmospheric Exposure Tests Conducted at 16 Japanese Sites—

2018.04.05 Update Press Release

NIMS Issues New Data Sheets

—Six New Data Sheets Released, including Creep Strength Properties of Heat-Resistant Steels Subjected to Constant Load for over 100,000 Hours—

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