2022.11.01 Update

From the Managing Director

The Materials Data Platform Center (DPFC) was established as a division of the Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System that was inaugurated in FY 2017. The DPFC is the section responsible for the construction and operation of the Materials Data Platform of the MRB (Material Research Bank), which is one of the Innovative Materials Development and Capability Enhancement Programs (M3) promoted by NIMS; it also integrates the functions of the conventional scientific information room and materials information station.
The data platform designed and developed by the DPFC is becoming an unparalleled system that consistently handles materials data from the point of entry (collection) to the point of exit (service). At the point of entry, we implement high-throughput and high-quality collection, and a registration system, by importing data from multiple sources, such as the experimental and measurement equipment, literature, and an organizational repository. In addition, by using information engineering techniques to associate the data, we aim to add value to the stored data. At the point of exit, in addition to maintaining and providing data visualization systems and various analysis software, we plan to provide systematic scientific services that will help to resolve concerns related to material development. Moreover, the DPFC covers conventional functions such as library functions, publishing functions, and repository functions, and also provides related information that links corresponding bibliographic data and material data.
In addition to constructing a highly advanced data platform system by promoting scientific data and/or information engineering research related to data collection, registration, value addition, and analytical techniques, the DPFC, as a national center for material information, will continue to provide quality services that are attractive to users not only within NIMS, but also outside NIMS.

Research Group

Materials Database Group

Storage to knowledge, Database to Knowledge base

Materials Data Analysis Group

Efficient collection of experimental data and development of high value-added technology

Data System Group

Construction and maintenance of a material data platform to support material research




Materials Data Platform Center
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