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Joint Symposium on Materials Integration and Advanced Materials Characterization

- Practical Data Repository and Fusion of Materials Characterization with Informatics -

2nd Workshop on Informatics in Advanced Measurements
Advanced Measurement and Characterization Symposium 2018

Schedules 2018.03.08 Finished

In recent years the advanced characterization instruments possess the extremely high throughput for producing experimental data and thus more advanced analyzing or characterizing procedures based on the informatics are strongly demanded. The symposium provides a stage for presenting the up-to-date advanced material characterization and the progress of data utilization in NIMS and elsewhere.

In the oral presentation, the advanced examples of the informatics in materials characterization are taken up and a global trend regarding the data management in the present era of massive data will be recognized. Especially, initiatives for the experiment data repository aiming at minimization of the hoard data are discussed as well as reduction of the research cost and acceleration of the material development by sharing data.

In the poster session, the achievements of research and development promoted by "Development of advanced characterization key technologies to accelerate materials innovation" project of the NIMS mid/long term plan and NIMS Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System will be presented. Moreover, the symposium offers opportunities for researchers and engineers coming from the industries, academia and government to exchange their ideas and talk about their interests. Please participate in this symposium initiating the key technologies of the research and development; the cutting-edge information science and the characterization technology.

(1) Advanced characterization based on the informatics processing
(2) High-speed analysis of massive data such as images and movies, etc.
(3) Construction and use of data repository system
(4) Materials development using data science

Date and time

8th(Thu) March 2018
9:50 - 17:25
17:25 - Mixer

Registration (Capacity 200)

Registration is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Registration fee

Free (except Mixer 2,000 JP Yen)


9:50-9:55 Opening Address Daisuke Fujita NIMS
9:55-10:00 Address Yasushi Saito MEXT
10:00-10:40 S1 Special Lecture
Deep learning in Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Spencer Thomas NPL
10:40-11:20 S2 Special Lecture
Managing Petabytes of Experimental Data at Diamond Light Source
Mark Basham DLS
11:20-12:00 S3 Special Lecture
Autonomous Materials Research Systems: Phase Mapping
Aaron Gilad Kusne1,2, Brian DeCost1, Jason Hattrick-Simpers1, Apurva Mehta3, Ichiro Takeuchi2 1 NIST, 2 Univ. Maryland, 3 SLAC
12:00-13:30 Poster Session I
13:30‐13:55 O1 Application of multivariate analysis and machine learning to chemical imaging and spectrum data Satoka Aoyagi Seikei Univ.
13:55-13:20 O2 Development of multidimensional X-ray imaging system using Naoka Nagamura NIMS
14:20‐14:45 O3 Feature extraction from magnetic domain image using persistent homology Masato Kotsugi Tokyo Univ. of Sci.
14:45‐15:10 O4 Approaches to analyze data acquired by recent (S)TEM Fumihiko Uesugi NIMS
15:10‐15:40 Poster Session II
15:40‐16:05 O5 Statistical machine learning for spectrum data analysis Motoki Shiga Gifu Univ.
16:05‐16:30 O6 Coherent X-ray Magnetic Imaging Utilizing Sparse Phase Retrieval Algorithm Yuichi Yamazaki NIMS
16:30‐16:55 O7 Bayesian estimation for spectral deconvolution Kenji Nagata AIST
16:55‐17:20 O8 Data-centric repository in open science Mikiko Tanifuji NIMS
17:20‐17:25 Closing Address Yuko Nagano NIMS
17:25‐19:00 Mixer, Poster Award


P1 Predict Material IMFP Using Machine Learning X. Liu12, Z.F. Hou1, Z.J. Ding2, B. Da1 1NIMS, 2USTC
P2 量子ビーム実験・構造モデリング・トポロジカル解析を用いた非晶質物質の構造の系統的な理解 Unraveling structure of glass, liquid, and amorphous materials
by a combination of experiments, structure modelling, and topological analyses
小野寺 陽平12、小原真司2、大林一平3、田原周太42、増野敦信5,2平岡裕章32 1京都大, 2 NIMS, 3 東北大, 4琉球大, 5弘前大
P3 全固体電池材料開発の加速を目指すマテリアルズ・インフォマティクスの取り組み Materials Informatics for Acceleration of Development of All-Solid-State Battery Materials 野田 祐輔1、小林 亮12、烏山 昌幸123、田村 友幸12、竹内 一郎124、中山 将伸1,2 1NIMS、2名工大、3さきがけ、4理研
P4 マテリアルズ・インフォマティクスを用いた二次電池の電解液材料探索 Liquid electrolyte materials search for secondary batteries by informatics technique 袖山慶太郎123、五十嵐康彦24、石川敦之123、中山智文14、岡田真人14、館山佳尚123 1NIMS、2さきがけ、3京都大、4東京大
P5 コンビナトリアルスパッタ材料創製法とインフォマティックスを融合した新規伝熱・熱電材料探索 High throughput screening of novel thermal management and thermoelectric materials
by a combinatorial sputtering method combined with materials informatics
後藤真宏、佐々木道子、徐一斌 NIMS
P6 Efficient high thermal conductive polymer design with Bayesian inference Stephen WU1, Yukiko KONDO2, Masa-aki KAKIMOTO2, Isao KUWAJIMA2, Guillaume LAMBARD12, Kenta HONGO234, Yibin XU2, Ryo YOSHIDA12 Junko MORIKAWA25 1Inst Stat Math,
P7 データプラットフォームセンター 材料データ利活用のためのNIMSにおける新展開 Materials Data Platform Center: A new strategy in NIMS for Data utilizations and applications 石井真史 吉川英樹 徐 一斌 知京豊裕 出村雅彦 谷藤幹子 伊藤聡 NIMS
P8 物質の構造表現と学習 : ソフトウェア開発 Representation and Learning for Materials Structure: software development 劉暢1,小山幸典1,吉田亮2 1NIMS,2統数研
P9 Monte Carlo Tree Search with Bayesian Rollout for Materials Design Thaer M. Dieb123, Zhufeng Hou2, Koji Tsuda123 1U. Tokyo, 2NIMS, 3RIKEN
P10 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb耐熱鋼溶接継手のクリープ破断寿命予測シミュレーション Prediction of creep rupture time by creep damage analysis in 9Cr-1Mo-V-Nb steel welds 小岩康三,田淵正明,出村雅彦,山崎政義,渡邊誠 NIMS
P11 データ科学を活用したMod.9-1鋼におけるクリープ曲線の予測 Creep Curve Prediction of Mod.91 Steel in Data Scientific Approach 伊津野仁史1,出村雅彦1,田淵正明1,本武陽一2,岡田真人2 1NIMS, 2東京大
P12 炭素鋼の基底クリープ強度における説明因子の全状態探索による抽出 Descriptor selection on inherent creep strength of carbon steel by exhaustive search 櫻井惇也1, 井上純哉1, 出村雅彦2, 本武陽一1, 岡田真人1, 山崎政義1 1東京大, 2NIMS
P13 表面敏感オペランドナノ計測法の開発と先進材料応用 Development of surface-sensitive operando nanoscale analysis techniques and their application to the characterization of advanced materials 倉橋光紀 NIMS
P14 Characterization of carbon dioxide surface structures on gold by simultaneous STM and AFM Oleksandr Stetsovych12, Tomoko K. Shimizu13 and Oscar Custance1 1NIMS, 2Inst Phys CAS, 3PRESTO
P15 Characterization of meso-dibenzoporphycene using simultaneous STM and AFM measurements. Tomoko K. Shimizu12, Oleksandr Stesovych13, Oscar Custance1 1NIMS, 2PRESTO, 3Inst Phys CAS
P16 応力印加SPMの開発 Development of scanning probe microscopy for characterizing surfaces under the application of tensile/compressive stress 鷺坂恵介、O. Custance、藤田大介 NIMS
P17 多元極限環境における電気伝導計測技術の開発と原子層超伝導物質への応用 Development of an electron transport measurement technique under multi-dimensional extreme conditions and its application to superconducting monoatomic layers 内橋隆、吉澤 俊介、一ノ倉 聖 NIMS
P18 Operando Visualization of Li Distribution and Electrical Potential Distribution in All-Solid-State LIB Hideki Masuda1, Nobuyuki Ishida1, Yoichiro Ogata2, Daigo Ito2, Daisuke Fujita1 1NIMS, 2 TAIYO YUDEN
P19 ヘリウムイオン顕微鏡によるペロブスカイト太陽電池の二次電子像観察 Observation of Secondary Electron Images of Perovskite Solar Cell using Helium Ion Microscope 酒井 智香子、白井 康裕、宮野 健次郎、藤田 大介 NIMS
P20 走査型ヘリウムイオン顕微鏡観察へのナノスーツ法適用の試みApplication of the NanoSuit Method to Scanning Helium Ion Microscopy 大西桂子、永野聖子、藤田大介 NIMS
P21 New applications for ultra-high brightness LaB6 nanowire cathode Han Zhang1, Jie Tang1, Lu-chang Qin2 1NIMS, 2U.N.Carolina
P22 細胞膜表面の分子結合計測 Measurement of molecular interactions on cellular membranes. 貝塚芳久 NIMS
P23 Fe/W(110)表面へのスピンと配向を制御したO2吸着実験 Spin- and alignment-controlled O2 chemisorption on Fe/W(110) 倉橋光紀 NIMS
P24 スピン偏極低エネルギー電子顕微鏡によるNi(110)表面上のグラフェンの観察 Observation of Graphene on Ni(110) with Spin-Polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy 鈴木雅彦1、石田 暢之1、倉橋 光紀1、山内 泰1、藤田 大介1、安江 常夫2、越川 孝範2 1NIMS, 2大電通大
P25 Time evolution of hydrogen permeation through grain boundary in stainless steel N. Miyauchi1, T. Iwasawa2, Y. Murase1, S. Takagi2, A. N. Itakura1 1NIMS, 2Toho U.
P26 Development of hydrogen gas sensor based on membrane-type stress sensor (MSS) technology Taro Yakabe, Gaku Imamura, Genki Yoshikawa, Akiko Itakura NIMS
P27 XAFS解析における原子散乱の数理化 : 物理モデルを使わない原子間距離の決定
Mathematization of atomic scattering in XAFS analysis: Determination of atomic distance without using physical model
石井真史 NIMS
P28 教師なし機械学習を使った多成分結晶のX線回折分析の試みTrial for X-ray diffraction analysis of multicomponent crystal with unsupervised machine learning 石井真史 NIMS
P29 Development of integrated chip for high-speed data recording and
transmission using topological reduction of big data
Martin Timms1, Anirban Bandyopadhyay2 1IIIR, 2NIMS
P30 Designing fusion of dielectric & cavity resonator based ultra-low
vibrational atomic resolution sensor
Pushpendra Singh,2, Kanad Ray1, Daisuke Fujita2 and Anirban Bandyopadhyay2 1Amity U., 2NIMS
P31 Time crystal based information processing technology for building
advanced materials
Komal Saxena12, Soami Daya Krishnanda1, Daisuke Fujita2 and Anirban Bandyopadhyay2 1DEI, 2NIMS
P32 表層化学状態計測における情報分離技術の開発と応用 Information separation techniques for surface chemical analyses 吉川英樹 NIMS
P33 埋もれた界面物性評価のための超高速分光技術II Ultrafast spectroscopy on buried semiconductor heterointerfaces II 石岡邦江 NIMS
P34 Data-driven analysis measurement technique B. Da, Z.F. Hou, J. W. Liu, H. Yoshikawa, S. Tanuma NIMS
P35 高エネルギー分解能REELS装置の紹介 Introduction to high energy resolution REELS appratus 原田善之, Bo Da, 吉川英樹 NIMS
P36 極低角度入射ビームオージェ深さ方向分析によるHfO2/Si 基板の分析 Auger depth profiling analysis of HfO2/Si specimen using an ultra low angle incidence ion beam 荻原俊弥,長田貴弘,吉川英樹 NIMS
P37 Active Shirley法を使ったXPSスペクトル分解の自動化アルゴリズムの進展 Development of the automated algorithm of the peak separation of XPS spectra by the active Shirley method 篠塚 寛志1、吉川 英樹1、村上 諒2、仲村 和貴2、陰山 弘典2、田中 博美2、吉原 一紘3 1NIMS, 2 米子高専、3 シエンタオミクロン
P38 1次元,2次元計測データの蓄積状況 Present status of 1- and 2- dimension measurement data registry in DPFC, MaDIS 古市昌弘,長尾浩子,安福秀幸,荻原俊弥,西尾満章,岩井秀夫,木本浩司,鈴木峰晴,吉川英樹 NIMS
P39 計測データの蓄積フォーマット試行案 Trial concept of measurement data registry format in DPFC, MaDIS 長尾 浩子1、古市 昌弘1、渡邉 勝己2、矢藤 幸治2、鈴木 峰晴1、吉川 英樹1 1NIMS, 2 アルバック・ファイ
P40 固液界面その場計測法の開発とエネルギー材料への応用 Development of in situ characterization techniques for energy materilas 増田卓也 NIMS
P41 高感度高精度電子顕微鏡法の開発とナノ領域その場物性計測 Advanced Electron Microscopy for High-Sensitivity and In-Situ Material Characterization 木本浩司 NIMS
P42 収差補正ローレンツ顕微鏡法による磁気微細構造のサブナノスケールイメージング Sub-nanoscale imaging of magnetic fine structures using aberration-corrected Lorentz microscopy 長井拓郎1、木本浩司1、伊野家浩司2、竹口雅樹1 1NIMS, 2 日本エフイー・アイ
P43 ポリオール水溶液のポリアモルフィズム : 実験による液液臨界点の位置の予測 Experimental estimation of liquid-liquid critical point for the polyol aqueous solutions 鈴木芳治 NIMS
P44 大面積EDS検出器とVirtual pivot holderの組み合わせによる実効検出立体角の向上 II Improvement of effective solid angle using virtual-pivot holder and large EDS detector II 越谷翔悟、木本浩司 NIMS
P45 トポロジカル絶縁体ナノシートの成長と評価 Growth and characterization of topological insulator nanosheets 吉川純 NIMS
P46 STEM-ADF像の定量計測による二次元材料の積層構造解析 Stacking Structure Analysis of Two-dimensional Materials Using Quantitative Annular Dark-Field Imaging 山下俊介, 木本浩司 NIMS
P47 精密波長可変光源を有する光照射STM-AFMシステムの開発 Development of Light Illumination STM-AFM System combined with Fine Wavelength-Tunable Light Source 三井正 NIMS
P48 YSZ(100)薄膜のイオン及び電子線照射影響の観察 Observation of the effects of ion and electron beams irradiation on YSZ (100) thin films 田中美代子 NIMS
P49 In-situ TEM observation of the interaction among the oxides promoted by electron irradiation Nobuhiro Ishikawa NIMS
P50 In-situ observation of graphene etching by catalytic nanoparticles 橋本綾子12、秋元創12 1NIMS, 2筑波大
P51 Development of 4D-Scanning confocal electron microscopy (SCEM) Masaki Takeguchi, Takumu Hamaoka, Ayako Hashimoto, and Kazutaka Mitsuishi NIMS
P52 ELS法によりコールドスプレーで形成したAl・ガラス界面反応のメカニズム解析 Reveal the mechanisms of interfacial reaction between Al and glass formed with cold spray by EELS Minghui Song1, Hiroshi Araki1, Seiji Kuroda1, Kazuhiko Sakaki2 1NIMS, 2Shinshu U.
P53 Detection limit of Lattice Constant Deviation from a Selected-Area Diffraction Map K. Mitsuishi1, R. Bekarevich1, T. Ohnishi1, F. Uesugi1, M. Takeguchi1 Y. Inaguma2, T. Ohno1, K. Takada1 1NIMS, 2Gakushuin U.
P54 強磁場固体NMRおよび強磁場光物性計測に関する技術開発と応用 Development and applications of solid-state NMR and optical properties characterization at high fields 清水 禎 NIMS
P55 移動度スペクトル法による強磁場輸送データの解析 Mobility Spectrum Analysis for high-field Magneto-Transport data in Semiconductor devices 今中康貴 NIMS
P56 イオンゲルゲート制御された二層グラフェンのサイクロトロン共鳴 Cyclotron resonance on the ion-gel-gated bilayer graphene 竹端寛治1、今中康貴1、金子智昭2、関根佳明3、高村真琴3、日比野浩樹4 1NIMS, 2東北大、3NTT、4関学大
P57 強磁場マグネット開発 Development of high field magnets 松本真治 NIMS
P58 Terahertz Cyclotron resonance in AlGaN/GaN hetrostructures Dickson KINDOLE12, Y. Imnaka12 ,K. Takehana 1, M. Sumiya1, L. Sang1 1NIMS, 2Hokkaido U.
P59 クライオコイルMASプローブを用いた天然存在比の43Ca測定 Natural abundance 43Ca MAS-NMR study by using the cryo-coill MAS probe 最上祐貴1、清水禎1、水野敬2、戸田充2、竹腰清乃理3 1NIMS, 2JEOL, 3京都大
P60 強磁場固体NMRプローブにおける要素技術の開発 Developments of some probe components for high magnetic field solid-state NMR 品川秀行1、大木 忍1、清水 禎1、藤戸輝昭12 1NIMS, 2プローブ工房
P61 4成分ウルツァイト構造窒化物 : ZnGeN2-GaN系のNMRによるキャラクタリゼーション NMR Characterization of Quaternary Wurtzitic Nitrides in the System ZnGeN2-GaN 末廣隆之、丹所正孝、清水 禎 NIMS
P62 半導体における超偏極生成・制御技術の開発 Development of generation and control techniques for hyperpolarization in semiconductors 後藤 敦、端健二郎、大木 忍、清水 禎 NIMS
P63 量子ビーム計測技術の開発による先進材料イノべーションの加速 Acceleration of advanced materials innnovation by development of quantum beam technologies 北澤英明 NIMS
P64 TOF-SIMSによるSi/Al界面での界面融解現象の観測 Observation of interface melting in the Si/Al interface by TOF-SIMS Hideaki Kitazawa1, Norimichi Watanabe1,2, Jakub Szabelewsk1,3, Hiroaki Mamiya1, and Daisuke Fujita1 1NIMS, 2Kanagawa U., 3Warsaw UT
P65 スピン3/2反強磁性交替鎖物質RCrGeO5の磁気励起 Magnetic excitations in antiferromagnetic alternating spin-3/2 chain compounds RCrGeO5 長谷正司1、浅井晋一郎2、左右田稔3、益田隆嗣2、
P66 リチウムイオン二次電池正極活物質Li2MnO3の結晶構造 Crystal structure of Li2MnO3 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries 茂筑高士 NIMS
P67 先進材料イノベーションのための透過中性子分光分析法の開発 Development of transmission neutron spectroscopy for advanced materials innnovation 間宮広明 NIMS
P68 高圧力下中性子回折実験によるマルチフェロイクスの研究 Study of multiferroic materials by high pressure neutron diffraction experiment 寺田典樹1、Navid Qureshi2、Laurent C. Chapon2、Dmitry D. Khalyavin3、Pascal Manuel3、長壁豊隆4 1 NIMS、2 ILL、3 ISIS、4 JAEA
P69 カゴ状化合物R3Pd20X6 (R = La, Ce: X = Si, Ge)におけるラットリングの中性子回折による観測 Observation of rattling in cage-structured compounds R3Pd20X6 Naohito Tsujii 1, Hideaki Kitazawa, Melanie J Kirkham2, Ashfia Huq2 1NIMS, 2ORNL
P70 永久磁石の強磁性共鳴の解析 Theoretical analysis of ferromagnetic resonance of permanent magnets 西野正理 NIMS
P71 Informatics-aided Confocal Raman Microscopy for 3D StressCharacterization in Opaque Materials Hongxin Wang1, Han Zhang1, Bo Da1, Motoki Shiga23, Hideaki Kitazawa1, Daisuke Fujita1 1NIMS, 2Gifu U., 3PRESTO
P72 Refractory plasmonics: Evaluation of the nonlinear optical parameters of TiN thin film and TiN/PVA nanocomposite Rodrigo SATO1, Satoshi ISHII1, Tadaaki NAGAO1, Masanobu NAITO1, Yoshihiko TAKEDA12 1NIMS, 2U. Tsukuba
P73 Third-order nonlinearity in double-plasmonic resonance Au nanorod/PVA composite Rodrigo SATO1, Joel HENZIE1, Masanobu NAITO1, Yoshihiko TAKEDA12 1NIMS, 2U. Tsukuba
P74 Optical Nonlinearity and Transient Response of Fullerene Compounds Kejun LI12, Rodrigo SATO1, Hiroaki MAMIYA1, Takatsugu WAKAHARA1, Yoshihiko TAKEDA12 1NIMS, 2U. Tsukuba
P75 Optical nonlinearity and quantization of Au nanomaterials Boyi ZHANG12, Rodrigo SATO1, Hiroaki MAMIYA1, Keiji OYOSHI1, Mykhailo CHUNDAK1, Masato OHNUMA3, Yoshihiko TAKEDA12 1NIMS, 2U. Tsukuba
P76 Study on photo-excitation dynamics of semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) with ultrafast transient optical response Elghool Kholoud12, Sato Rodrigo2, Naoto Shirahata2, Takeda Yoshihiko 12 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P77 ポリジアセチレンナノ構造体と金ナノ粒子のハイブリッド構造制御と光学特性 Structural control and optical properties of hybridized nanotube composed of polydiacetylene nanostructure and gold nanoparticles 伊藤稚菜1、Sato Rodrigo2、小野寺恒信1、武田良彦2、及川英俊1 1東北大, 2NIMS
P78 高速重イオンビーム照射による材料の改質機構の解明 - 6 MeV C60+クラスターイオン照射との比較 - Material modification utlizing swift heavy ion irradiation - Comparison with 6 MeV C60+ Cluster Ion Irradiation - 雨倉 宏 NIMS
P79 暗視野顕微鏡による微生物集合の直接観察 Direct Imaging of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-mediated Aggregation of Bacteria Using Dark-field Microscopy 中尾秀信1、冨田 理2、斎藤勝一2 1NIMS, 2農研機構
P80 Investigation of stacking fault density of fcc Ru nanoparticles using high energy powder x-ray diffraction Okkyun Seo1, Osami Sakata1, Jae Myung Kim1,Satoshi Hiroi1, Chulho Song1, L. S. R. Kumara1, Koji Ohara2, Shun Dekura3, Kohei Kusada3, Hirokazu Kobayashi3, Hiroshi Kitagawa3 1NIMS, 2JASRI, 3Kyoto U.
P81 Electronic states of a nanoparticle/MOF composite revealed by HAXPES and XANES Yanna Chen1, Osami Sakata1, Loku Singgappulige Rosantha Kumara1, Anli Yang1, Chulho Song1,
Yusuke Nanba2, Michihisa Koyama2, Hirokazu Kobayashi3, Hiroshi Kitagawa3
1NIMS, 2Kyushu U., 3Kyoto U.
P82 永久高密度シリカガラスの構造 ?実験・構造モデリング・パーシステントホモロジーを用いた解析 Structure of permanently densified silica glass revealed by a combination of experiments, structure modelling, and topological analyses 小原真司1、小野寺陽平1,2、平田秋彦3、西山宣正4、気谷 卓4、P. S. Salmon5、A. Ziedler5、A. C. Hannon6、増野敦信7,1、井上博之8、平岡裕章3,1、大林一平3、H. Fischer9、A. I. Kolesnikov10、M. B. Stone10、A. Polidori9、J. Akola11、川路 均4、森 龍也12、
小島誠治12、藤井康裕13、中村壮伸14、田原周太15,1、尾原幸治16、坂田修身1、谷口 尚1
1 NIMS、2 京都大、3 東北大学、4 東工大学、5バース大、6RAL、7弘前大、
P83 Seeing elements by visible-light digital camera Wenyang Zhao12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P84 X-ray optical sectioning microscopy : towards visualization of buried function layers and interfaces in thin films Wenyang Zhao12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P85 Layering of cobalt stearate by LB method Wenyang Zhao12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P86 Detection of underground heavy metals by high-energy X-rays Wenyang Zhao12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P87 Kinetics of interface in temperature responsive poly-(N-isopropylacrylamide) ultra thin film Yuwei Liu1, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P88 Observation of negative thermal expansion in ultra thin poly vinyl acetate thin film Yuwei Liu1, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P89 Non-destructive depth analysis of trace elements in layered thin films Haruya Kobayashi12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P90 Versatile scanning X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Haruya Kobayashi12, Kenji Sakurai21 1U. Tsukuba, 2NIMS
P91 Low temperature synthesis of cubic phase CuFe2O4 powder Teerakorn Kongkaew12, Kenji Sakurai2 1Mahidol U., 2NIMS
P92 Adhesive properties of epoxy resin under high temperature and high moisture conditions Edgar Lemire1, Kenji Sakurai2 1Phelma, 2NIMS
P93 放射線に感度を持つLaOHCO3:Eu蛍光体のソルボサーマル合成 Solvo-thermal synthesis of luminescent radiation sensor LaOHCO3:Eu 岩元めぐみ、桜井健次 NIMS
P94 X-ray and neutron reflectivity imaging - interface structure as well as inhomogeneity Jinxing Jiang, Kenji Sakurai NIMS


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Joint Symposium on Materials Integration and Advanced Materials Characterization
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2nd Workshop on Informatics in Advanced Measurements
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    Development of advanced characterization key technologies to accelerate materials innovation


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