Environment of MANA

Attractive research environment

Foreign researchers comprise over a half of the entire research population here and this melting pot can create new research seeds for realizing innovations.

Attractive international research environment
-Melting Pot-

Multinational researchers from different fields and with different cultural backgrounds all gather at MANA to create a melting pot environment. Diverse research fields come together in the melting pot to breed new research seeds for innovation.

International, Interdisciplinary, Independent, and Innovative. In Melting Pot, four "In" is features.

MANA is working to establish a comfortable research environment for all researchers, attempting to employ experienced staff who are fluent in English and has a wide variety of administrative support system. In addition, MANA researchers are available to use high-performance research facilities at NIMS.

Fostering young researchers

Young researchers at MANA are encouraged to work under the tutelage of external non-NIMS mentors, some of whom are stationed overseas. Young researchers typically have 2 mentors (Double-mentor), are affiliated to 2 research institutions, (Double-affiliation) and research in 2 fields (Double-discipline). This is called the 3D, or Triple Double System. Many young researchers spend some time of the year working with their overseas mentors. This encourages them to undertake discipline-integrated research and serves to cultivate a global perspective in them.


The MANA research body is comprised of principal researchers of which some are visiting scholars from external research institutes. To further promote research efficiency, visiting researchers set up a satellite MANA lab at their home institution. In addition to serving as a platform for joint research, these labs also function as forward bases in MANAs strategy to expand its global reach and form a nanotech network.

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