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2022.01.13 Update

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (WGSs), such as diamond and nitrides, are attractive optical and electronic materials for reducing the energy consumption. However, several issues to be solved, such as difficulty in control of electrical conductivity, insufficient interface property, and lack of wide substrate wafer, are remained for the practical applications. These issues are strongly linked to the material intrinsic properties. In our group, a formation of excellent heterojunction between WGSs, hetero-interfaces between WGSs and high-permittivity insulators, metal/WGSs and pn-junction interfaces will be studied to clarify a mechanism of their carrier transport and photo/electro-luminescence. In addition, researches on the growth of high quality WGSs and their impurity doping control will be intensively carried out.

Specialized Research Field

In the third mid-term project, our group demonstrated (1) diamonds FET using high-permittivity insulator and understanding the FET operation mechanism, (2) diamond pn-junction ultraviolet sensor and electron emission source, (3) high-voltage diamond rectifying metal contact, (4) diamond micro-machine system switch, and (5) photoelectric conversion device using InGaN pin diodes. In the fourth mid-term project, for improving the performance of these prototype devices, we will develop a guideline to design opto/electric devices suitable for WGSs through the deep understanding of effect of interface formation, doping and defects on the device performance. At the same time, we will continuously work on the establishment of high quality crystal growth technology to derive ultimate performance for developing new application fields such as diamond spintronics research which attracts enormous attention in recent years.

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