Thermoelectric Materials Group

Our target is to develop ubiquitous-element thermoelectric materials with superior effective maximum power (50~ W/m) to Bi-Te at 300-600 K and their power generation devices to meet social needs of exhausted heat utilization.

Specialized Research Field

Hybrid thermoelectric materials research

Research on the effect of hybrid material structures on thermoelectric properties by process- & nano-technologies and data science, and their applications to high performance thermoelectric power devices.

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High-throughput investigation for energy related materials

Investigation of energy related novel materials such as thermal management, thermoelectric, tribological materials, etc. by high-throughput sputter materials synthesis and original laser techniques.

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Ubiquitous thermoelectric materials research

  1. First-principles band structure and phonon dispersion calculations for searching a new ubiquitous-element thermoelectric material.
  2. Shed light on “Structure-properties” relationship for better thermoelectric efficiency.

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