Surface Quantum Phase Materials Group

Designing and Creating two-dimensional materials from atomic and molecular levels

2023.04.01 Update

The surface and the interface are places where the inside and the outside of a material are connected discontinuously, and because of its singularity, new quantum phases may occur there. Furthermore, they are easy to manipulate from the outside world and are known to often exhibit useful functions, which are important for device applications. The goals of our group are to design and create two-dimensional quantum system at surfaces and interfaces from atomic and molecular levels and to clarify their unknown material properties and functions. We will achieve them based on our own state-of-the-art UHV technique and nanotechnology.

Specialized Research Field

We have demonstrated for the first time that large superconducting currents can run through atomic layers fabricated on semiconductor surfaces over a long distance. This has challenged the common belief that two-dimensional superconductivity must be very fragile. We have also found that atomic steps ubiquitous on a crystal surface can work as Josephson junctions. These findings are expected to lead to future device applications. One of our current research targets is creation of new hybrid-type two-dimensional superconductors based on the combination of semiconductor surfaces, spin-orbit interaction, and organic molecules. We are also studying bismuth atomic-layer materials and electron conduction through diamond surfaces.

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