Surface Characterization Group

Novel properties and functionalities of advanced materials often originate from the phenomena taking place at surfaces or interfaces of the materials under various environments. Chemical processes, such as oxidation, reduction and etching, utilized for nano-object fabrication and thin film growth, start from the surfaces or interfaces under various conditions including ultra-high vacuum, gas exposure, plasma/light-irradiation, electric-bias application, and so on. Advanced characterization techniques that enable us to clarify the structure, electronic states, physical properties, functionalities and reactions at surfaces and interfaces under various conditions are therefore crucial for understanding these phenomena. In our research group, we are developing (1) surface sensitive and multi-functional nano-probe microscopes operating under various environments for clarifying the structure and functions of low-dimensional nano-objects, (2)spin-polarized and state-selected atomic/molecular beams for probing the surface spin polarization and for understanding the mechanism of surface reactions, (3)operando surface nanoscale analysis techniques for green materials and devices, (4) high resolution helium ion microscope for nanoscale imaging and fabrication.

Specialized Research Field

Development of advanced surface and interface characterization techniques and their application to material research

  • Atom-resolved scanning probe microscopy under controlled environments
  • High resolution non-contact atomic force microscopy for surface nano-object characterization
  • Spin-polarized metastable helium beam for surface spin polarization analysis
  • State-selected molecular beam for investigating the dynamics of gas-surface reaction
  • Operando surface nanoscale analysis techniques for investigating interfacial processes in green and energy devices
  • High Resolution Helium ion microscopy for nanoscale imaging and fabrication

Group Leader

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