Supermolecules Group (Nanoscale Materials Division (MANA), Nanomaterials Field)

From Molecules to Materials: Creation of Nanostructures and Fumctional Materials by Bottom-Up, Self-assembly, and Supramolecular Processes

2016.07.09 Update

Supermolecules are created through non-covalent interaction between two or more molecules and can exhibit novel functions not available from their individual component molecules. Supramolecular chemistry covers a wide range of materials from small molecular complexes to macroscale assemblies.
Our research creativity will realize hitherto unknown materials with novel functions at the molecule, nano-, micro-, and macroscales.

Specialized Research Field

In our research group, functional materials have been wisely constructed via bottom-up approaches as seen in preparation of molecular patterns and complexes, organized nanostructures, and function bulk materials. In addition, novel concepts "hand-operating nanotechnology" to bridge nano (molecular) structures and bulk systems is also initiated. These strategies enable us to construct hierarchic supramolecular structures, some of which are highly useful for bio-related applications such as drug delivery and sensing. In addition, functional
materials for social demands such as catalysts with minimum amount of rare metals and organic assemblies for photo-energy conversion are also targets of our researches.

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