Structural Non-oxide Ceramics Group

2022.02.01 Update

Research activities

We investigate synthesis of non-oxide ceramics and non-oxide ceramics based composite heat resistant materials for an aerospace application and evaluation of the materials.  Synthesis of functional non-oxide ceramics is also investigated.


  1. TaC-HfC ceramics sintered with La2O3[1]
  2. Microstructural design of heat resistant non-oxide ceramics[2]
  3. HfB2-SiC composites
    Heat resistant [3].
  4. ZrB2-ZrC-Zr copmosites
    High strength and high toughness with Zr [4].

[1] S. Guo, "Physical and mechanical behaviours of hot-pressed TaC–HfC ceramics with La2O3 additive",Advances in Applied Ceramics, 120 (2021) 117-126.
[2] T. Nishimura, S. Guoi, Y.-W. Kim, "Recent Heat-Resistant Non-Oxide Ceramics", The 8th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC8) April 25 to 30, 2021.
[3] Shuqi Guo, Tianwei Liu, De-Hai Ping, Toshiyuki Nishimura, Enhanced high-temperature strength of HfB2–SiC composite up to 1600°C, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (2018) 1152–1157.
[4] Shuqi Guo, Texturedmicrostructureandanisotropicstrengthofhot-forgedZrB2–ZrC–Zr cermets, Ceramics International 42 (2016) 16063–16070.

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