Spin Physics Group

To develop novel Spintronic devices.

2022.01.14 Update

Owing to recent development in mobile computing, the digital age is growing with ever-increasing demand for storage devices. Spintronic devices use electrons’ spin to store and compute information. We use ultrathin magnetic heterostructures to develop novel Spintronic devices. Unlike conventional devices, heterostructures with large spin orbit coupling are studied to develop technologies that enable low power magnetization manipulation.

Specialized Research Field

We focus on effects that originate from the strong spin orbit interaction of materials and/or interfaces. Particular focus is on perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, spin current generation and spin accumulation via the spin Hall and Rashba-Edelstein effects, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and spin orbit torques, which can be used to induce magnetization switching, coherent precession and domain wall motion.

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Spin Physics Group
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