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A new research field called "spin caloritronics".

2022.01.14 Update

Spintronics is expected to develop novel principles to drive electric and magnetic devices and to save their energy consumption. Since most of the spintronic functions are driven by a spin current, a flow of spin-angular momentum, a lot of research on spintronics has been conducted all over the world to establish versatile methods of spin-current generation, detection, and manipulation. In this stream, we discovered a new method for generating a spin current from heat; this phenomenon is called “spin Seebeck effect (SSE)”. By using the SSE, we have developed a spin-based energy conversion technology, which is conceptually different from conventional thermoelectric generation. After the discovery of the SSE, experimental and theoretical studies on thermo-spin phenomena have made rapid progress, and a new research field called “spin caloritronics” has been created.

Website of Spin Caloritronics Group : https://www.nims.go.jp/mmu/scg/

Research Target

Spin Caloritronics Group will create new science and technology for thermal energy engineering based on spintronics, which were impossible with conventional electronics alone. The spintronic thermal engineering enables unique functions, such as local temperature control of spintronic devices, unidirectional heat transport driven by spins, and versatile thermoelectric conversion, providing fundamentally new ways of thermal energy technologies. One of the methods to develop this research is the application of active thermal emission microscopy techniques, which have been used mainly in semiconductor industry, to spintronic materials and devices (e.g., Nature Commun. 7, 13754 (2016)).

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