Colloidal Crystal Materials Group

2022.01.27 Update

Our group will investigate smart materials based on 2D and 3D ordered hybrid and hierarchical structures and architectures in nano and micro scales.

Specialized Research Field

Colloidal crystals are self-assembled with mono dispersed colloids and the voids are filled with components, for example, liquid elastomer and block copolymer and etc. The hybrid colloidal crystals exhibit response to stimuli of photonic functions. In addition, we will not only propose the new smart hybrid materials but also contribute systematic materials and production process for technology transfer to industrial sector. On strain imaging sheet made of polystyrene colloids and silicone elastomer, we will study fundamental and principal process for scalable mass production. We also study materials with system enable remote and regular sensing by optical fiber technology and image analysis technology. Another topic on this group is surface controlled patterning to fabricate hybrid functional materials like a smart skin by induced self-organization, soft-lithography and nano-imprinting techniques. We will investigate basic research on metamaterial, flexible Bragg reflector and integrated micro sensor.

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