Soft Chemistry Group

2021.04.14 Update

Soft chemistry group is conducting the investigations on development of 2D materials and fabrication of functional structures/systems via self-assembly. More specifically, we synthesize a variety of 2D oxide and hydroxide nanosheets through our exfoliation process via swelling of layered compounds. Then we apply soft-chemical processes to organize these 2D nanosheets as a building block into precisely controlled nano- to meso-structures, aiming at the creation of novel functional materials and nanodevices.

Specialized research field

  1. Synthesis of new 2D nanosheets
    We synthesize layered metal oxides and hydroxides in a designed composition and structure, which are delaminated into colloidal single layers, or 2D nanosheets.
  2. Development of nanosheet assembly processes
    We develop solution-based processes to precisely organize monodisperse nanosheets into nanofilms, nanocomposites, hydrogels and so forth.
  3. Design and exploration of functions
    Based on 1 & 2, we design advanced functionalities to contribute to the progress and innovation of electronics and energy/environment technology.

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