Quantum Device Engineering Group

To explore and manipulate quantum functionalities in original device configurations

2023.04.01 Update

For the future nanoelectronic devices, novel device operation mechanisms, which are totally different from that of the conventional MOSFET, are highly required to realize low power consumption, high speed operation and further miniaturization. Spin transport or electron tunneling should be well controlled to solve these issues. Our main mission is to bridge between quantum effects and device engineering by assembling molecules, atoms and ions in practical device configurations.

Specialized Research Field

The main purpose is to develop emergent nanoelectronic devices based on quantum effects. For this purpose, molecules, atoms or ions are incorporated into transistor devices to control tunneling transport of charges or spins. Potential targets are a vertical tunneling transistor with molecular quantum dots, ion implantation for tunneling transistor, charge transfer-based molecular switching device and graphene devices designed by He-ion irradiation. These research projects are directed to explore novel device operations, which are categorized in so-called “Beyond-CMOS”. 

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