Plasticity Processing Group

2022.01.13 Update

By combining experiments and numerical simulation, we control the microstructure through plastic deformation processing to challenge the limit of strength-toughness balance for structural metallic materials. Specifically, we reveal the correlations of strength and toughness with microstructures (grain size, grain shape, texture, second phase effect, etc.), and create low-alloy steels with strength grade of 700 ~ 1800MPa and magnesium alloys with fine-grained structure by various plastic deformation processes. Based on the researches, we attempt to propose a new microstructure-controlled strengthening-toughening principle for producing structural materials by plastic deformation processing, to promptly respond to the social needs.

Specialized Research Field

Fabrication of bulk fine-grained materials based on shape and properties design

Microstructures are determined by processing parameters such as temperature, strain rate, strain, rather than specific processing such as rolling, forging, extrusion. Therefore, we need to quantitatively understand the magnitude and distribution of plastic strain introduced in a material by various plastic deformation processes, and thus numerical simulation is actively used in our study. In addition, since material always has a shape, it is important to control not only microstructures but also shapes. We have efficiently fabricated bulk ultrafine-grained materials with various shapes based on the concept of shape and properties design.

Toughening of structural materials

High tough as well as high strength is always demanded from society because structural metallic materials become brittle due to strengthening. Toughness rather than strength is required for most of the structural materials. We aim at improving both toughness and strength simultaneously through systematically investigating the relationship between toughness and microstructure, in particular, using the characteristics (grain refinement, texture, heterogeneity) of microstructures created through plastic deformation processing, rather than confined to the conventional design concept of homogeneous and isotropic materials.