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Plasmonics Group

Our research target, plasmonics, deals with peculiar behavior of light waves in metallic nanostructures. We have made effort to develop plasmonic nanocavities to squeeze light into a tiny volume, which is much smaller than the wavelength, aiming for the application to biochips with high sensitivity and infrared light sources for analyzing the environment. As further developments, we are planning to realize advanced light manipulations by introducing new and optimized plasmonic structures, and to explore novel aspects such as uncommon interplay with materials.

Specialized Research Field

Development of plasmonic crystals and metamaterials

For manipulating light waves in a practically large area, realization of plasmonic crystals composed of periodic array of metallic nanostructures is crucial. Artificial materials that exhibit peculiar optical responses, which are never attained in nature, by controlled structures sufficiently smaller than the wavelength are called metamaterials and attracting recent attention. We expect that we can conduct unique plasmonics research, e.g., creation of metamaterials composed of periodic array of our original nanocavities, by utilizing our simulation, nanofabrication, and characterization technologies.

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