Photocatalytic Materials Group

2022.01.31 Update

Photocatalytic Materials Group is focusing on the research and development of novel semiconductor photocatalytic materials for a more efficient utilization of solar energy, as well as application of these materials for degradation of hazardous organics, solar hydrogen production and CO2 conversion to useful hydrocarbon fuels. Our research approaches mainly include composition- and morphology-controlled fabrication of nanometals, organic/inorganic semiconductor materials and integration of those materials for advanced utilization of sunlight and efficient conversion to chemical energy. Also, through conducting fusion researches between theoretical calculations and in-situ measurements, we are elucidating reaction mechanisms in order to provide crucial design guidelines for new material development, and lead to the discovery of new principles and functions.

Specialized Research Field

  1. Design and construction of novel visible light active photocatalytic materials
  2. Exploration of advanced photo functionality by materials nano-architectonics
  3. Reaction mechanism study by combining in-situ measurements and theoretical calculations
  4. Decomposition of various organic pollutants by photocatalytic materials
  5. Solar water splitting and hydrogen production by photocatalytic materials
  6. CO2 reduction and hydrocarbon fuel production by photocatalytic reaction
  7. Photo-induced thermal catalytic reactions
  8. Partial oxidation of methane to higher-value chemicals

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Photocatalytic Materials Group
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