Optical Single Crystals Group

2016.04.01 Update

We perform research on the design, growth, and characterization of single crystalline materials, aiming at the fabrication of next generation of optoelectronic devices. The materials are grown in bulky form and/or deposited epitaxially. A wide range of crystals for optical applications is covered; Laser and nonlinear optical crystals, magneto-optical crystals, and scintillator/dosimeter crystals are the main research targets. Furthermore, wide bandgap semiconductor, piezoelectric and ferroelectric crystals are also investigated. The research is centered on a wide variety of material systems such as oxides, nitrides, and halides (fluorides, chlorides, etc.), focusing on the development of proper growth techniques to achieve the best material properties. Collaboration with universities, institutes and industries are actively promoted, and the international cooperation is also actively pursued in order to promote new viewpoints and original ideas. We aim at the conception and mature development of crystals exhibiting superior properties, starting from the fundamental research to then evolve towards industrial prototype demonstration.

Specialized Research Field

We conduct basic research and development of novel single crystals and their growth technologies. We focus on all kinds of single crystals, which have potential to boost the progress of modern and future technologies.
Our current main research targets are:
  • Single crystal phosphors for high-brightness lighting devices
  • Faraday rotators for optical isolators used for example in laser machinery
  • Piezoelectric crystals for high temperature applications, such as combustion pressure sensors
  • Nitride semiconductors
  • Gallium oxide as novel wide bandgap semiconductor
  • Chalcogenides for IR optical applications

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Optical Single Crystals Group
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