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New functionalized nanostructures by constructing composite nanostructures

2020.05.08 Update

Semiconductor nanostructures are of great interest due to their novel physical properties and potential applications such as electronic and optical devices, thermoelectric devices, bio/chemical sensors and so on. We are developing new functionalized nanostructures by constructing composite nanostructures. We have two main targets, 1) nano-electronics which are representative for semiconductor transistors, and 2) energy harvesting and storage solar cells. We are working hard in these research field and also looking for new research field.

Specialized Research Field

1. Development of the next-generation semiconductor materials

Advances in performance and integration through conventional scaling of device geometries are now reaching their practical limits in planar MOSFETs. Core-shell nanowires are one of the key structures to realize high mobility transistor channels since the site-selective doping and band–offset in core-shell nanowires divide a carrier transport region from an impurity doped region, resulting in the suppression of the impurity scattering. Now we are constructing new transistor channels using core-shell nanowires.
Furthermore, we are also interested in new group-IV semiconductor materials, GeSn which open up possibilities for optical device application in addition to high-speed electronic device applications.

2. Development of the next-generation energy-related materials

Nanostructured materials have the potential to improve performance and create new functions in energy-related devices. We are currently developing the next-generation photovoltaic cells using functionalized semiconductor nanostructures to realize both low-cost and high efficiency. In addition to energy harvesting, we are also interesting energy storage such as batteries. We are developing new materials with higher capacity and long cycle properties by constructing Si-related nanocomposite materials.

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