Nanophotonics Group

2022.01.27 Update

Nanophotonics is the method to investigate materials properties in nanometer ranges by means of light, to control optical waves with structured materials smaller than their wavelength, or to modify optical properties of matter by the controlled optical fields. Nanophotonics Group is engaged in spectroscopy and theoretical analysis of nano-structured materials fabricated by its original and sophisticated lithography and self-assembly technologies. It thus aims at creating optical functions and devices based on those new concepts of nanophotonics.

Specialized Research Field

The research field of the Nanophotonics Group ranges widely over photonic crystals, plasmonic crystals and metamaterials, which realize the sophisticated control of optical waves, semiconductor nano-structures such as quantum dots, quantum rings, quantum tetrapods, and organic nano-fibers composed of thiocyanine aggregates. We have discovered doubly enhanced spontaneous emission at photonic band edges, enhanced luminescence of GaAs quantum dots embedded in photonic crystal microcavities, polariton propagation in the nano-fibers, and realized new color filters utilizing the extraordinary light transmission.

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